Our Program

Our 12 Week Program

Ketogevity SA has chosen to do their consultations based on the individual needs of our clients. Clients may choose to be introduced to the world of Ketosis through a 12-week program involving regular

one-on-one consultations with the first consult done at the client’s home.  This approach we have chosen takes on more of a personal approach and assists us and our team in evaluating each client’s unique and individual lifestyle, including how they live and what they eat on a daily basis.

If however, a client resides outside of the Western Cape province, we introduce you to the Ketogenic world though an online guided program.

There is a lot of information and advice that cannot be said and evaluated nor explained over a simple email or a once-off medical consult, therefore our personally guided program is advised to be done over a period of 12 weeks in order to obtain optimal Ketogenic success.

    During the first week and during our 12-week program we are able to cover the following aspects of adopting a ketogenic lifestyle:


    1. Clients past and current and medical history with evaluations of our clients mental and physical well being.
    2. Clients baseline starting weight, height and measurements including chest, waist, hips, arms back, and thighs.
    3. Discussion on the basic blood tests that are required to be done during the 12-week program.
    4. The interpretation of a client’s blood results at specified intervals of the diet and adjustment in the diet based on the individual results.
    5. A brief introduction to the Science of Ketosis.
    6. A detailed introduction and step by step analysis of  KetoGevity SA’s “10 step Keto Starter Pack”
    7. A walk through the Keto approved food list.
    8. A walk through the clients’ kitchen and the food they eat daily.
    9. Assisting with the reading and interpretation of food labels.
    10. Assisting with the plotting, tracking and analysing of a clients macronutrient ratios supplying them with a hands-on approach using carb counter app such as “My fitness pal”.
    11. Urine ketone monitoring, the when, how, and why we insist it is done?
    12. Discussion around an exercise program based on the clients’ individual health needs.