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Longevity through the science of Ketosis

KetoGevity South Africa is laying the foundation to becoming a leading organisation in South Africa’s Health Industry. Their aim, to increase the people of South Africa’s “Longevity through the Science of Ketosis”, assisting everyday people achieve extraordinary results in their health and wellness, by choosing to adopt a Ketogenic Lifestyle.

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As a health and lifestyle company, we highlight to our clients that their success is based solely on them understanding that when committing to our program, they are not committing to a fad-diet but rather to a complete change in their lifestyle. Through a carefully researched process we assist their bodies to move into a state of nutritional ketosis. A human physiological process of switching their bodies from using carbohydrates and glucose as a primary form of metabolise to using ketones.

We aim to make this transition not only easy but highly effective.

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Restricting carbs puts your body into ketosis, a metabolic state in which you start burning fat for energy in place of carbs. This will lead to several potential health benefits, including weight loss, reduction in blood sugar levels, cholesterol and cardiovascular disease and in some cases a reduced risk to the development of certain cancers.  However following a clean ketogenic diet is of as much importance as reducing the number of carbohydrates you are eating in order to reap those benefits described above.

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“Ketogevity South Africa, here to increase the people of South Africa’s longevity   through the science of ketosis”

“Our focus is not only weight loss, but rather  to dramatically improve your overall mental and physical wellbeing, by switching your body to using ketones instead of glucose for metabolism”

“Weight loss the healthy side effect of ketosis”

“I call it the “keto kick”, complete euphoria, mental clarity and overwhelming energy”

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