Our Journey

Where the Journey started


The founder of KetoGevity South Africa is Dr Tamara Stephens. An emergency medicine doctor by trade, who’s last 20 years of practising emergency medicine made her realise that the terminal and life threatening conditions she has had to stabilise, resuscitate and treat for so many years on a daily basis could have been in most cases preventable.

What she soon came to realise was that what we ate drove what we became, both physically and mentally later in life. That the majority of todays medical conditions existed only due to the poor eating habits instilled in us as a nation as from the 1970’s, when a high carbohydrate and low fat diet became not only the norm but also the preferred means of eating.

Today South Africa and the world sit with the highest statistical number of type 2 diabetes in both children and adults, associated with an escalating population of people who are morbidly obese and a rapid rise in world cancer rates. 

She quickly decided, after succumbing to her own excessive weight gain and insulin resistance which developed in her 40’s, together with being burdened by a strong family history of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, Leukaemia, Breast Cancer and Epilepsy, to undergo her own “ketogenic Journey”. Within 12 weeks of following a clean ketogenic lifestyle she had lost 19kg’s and completely reversed her insulin resistance.

However it was the complete euphoria, mental clarity and overwhelming energy she experienced during this time that optimised her journey, taking living a Ketogenic Lifestyle from successful to life changing. 

She quotes:

“I am an emergency medical doctor and therefore do not follow a practice unless it’s backed by research and proven to work clinically.

Ketosis is a science and all evidence based, there is no guessing.  Knowledge is power and the more you understand how your body works while it transitions into a state of nutritional ketosis and soon after that fat adaption, the sooner you will start to become and continue becoming the happiest and healthiest your’ve been in years.

Sadly we South African’s seem to have been left behind as compared to the USA and North America with regards to implementing ketosis into the both medical and personal nutrition fields. 

Realising this, it has become my passion to implement my successful ketogenic journey into the lives of as many south african’s wishing to experience an optimal state of body and mind and restore the balance in their quality of their lives.”