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Danie Louw

Around mid 2019 I was at an initiation programme of a new job, I took up on. This was where I met Dr Tamara Stevens. We started chatting and ended up talking about the Keto way of life. Unbeknown to me, the start of an extremely valuable relationship. Quite a remarkable person, she is.

For a carb addict, the Keto way of life was a serious commitment to change. As we all know, change does not come about unchallenged. More often than not, it is conflict within. Yet, a holistic change of life it turned out to be.

At first, the Keto life was unknown territory. Without the knowledge and experience of Dr Tamara Stevens at the other end of a hotline, I would have failed this challenge.

It is only with baby steps and thorough explanation in understandable terms, knowing what I and my body was experiencing, how to react and how not to, that I managed through the initial adaptation stage.

Having made this commitment and gone through the challenge and changes herself, with the memory and experience ever fresh with her. She was able to support me in holistic fashion. Always available, I was left with the experience of being important, feeling safe and cared for.

As knowledge is the key to just about everything in life, the Keto life is no exception. It is only and only with understanding what my body is going through and how to address reactions that I was able to press through. This was all done with the never fading support of Dr Tamara Stevens.

There were times I thought any normal person would get annoyed/tired with all these questions and unsureties. Yet, they were always met with the most understandable and comprehensive explanation. Arming me with an understanding and insight. In turn, it allowed me to stand strong, to embrace and to progress from a basic understanding, enabling me to cope but barely. To an understanding, allowing me to “think for myself”. I was empowered to be self managed.

The information she shares is crucial. Her ability to understand and apply in my individuality, my special needs (inclusive of health challenges I have been facing all my life) is astounding. The ease, passion and caring she supports with, leaves me with the impression of a “super hero”.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you Dr.

My family and I went through different stages/experiences, including an extensive detox. This life style is not easy to get into. There was nothing comfortable about it. At times it was the support of my family even if just to see them “suffering” as well and the detailed explanations at the other end of my hotline that carried me through. It is not a quick fix, nor an easy fix. But it is a sure fix.

One would think of detox as being a 3 day exercise. Not in this case. Three weeks plus. It does take commitment. If your family does not support and join in, your challenge grows exponentially. It is important not only to have their support, but for them to join in. The health benefits makes it more than worth it.

Don’t expect immediate effect on the scale. You’ll see a reduction in cm’s long before the scale will go down. Therefore, if you are anything like me (wanting immediate results) it is beneficial to measure yourself. Even if you don’t, you’ll feel the difference in your clothes.

Better than the “fat burn” is the health improvement. Over time, in consultation with my GP, I have been able to reduce much of my medication. Many of my symptoms have been reduced to a level of comfortable bearing.

Being whiteness to the health improvements of my family, is awe inspiring. It is the single most, best gift any mother/wife could want for her family.

The cherry on top; is when you realize this is an easy maintainable lifestyle. You can even eat out at just about any restaurant without having to “cheat”.

So many parts of this life simply fall into place. You don’t have to constantly be conscience about them, accounting for them.

It becomes an “automatic” lifestyle. As easy as the one you had before. Only far by far better.

We all “cheat” from time to time. And every single time we feel like “kicking our own behind”. Simply because of the way you experience what “toxins” you are exposing yourself to. A laughing matter, really. Because even Keto have no cure for stupidity.

Danie Louw

Samantha Callachan

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2015 and was prescribed some very heavy medication to manage my pain. Not wanting to rely on drugs, I did some research into the ketogenic diet because I heard that it helps to reduce inflammation (MS’s biggest enemy). I dabbled with it for a little while and managed to reduce my medication, but I never really fully committed and suffered a couple more relapses.

I’ve been friends with Tamara for many years and when I saw her in December, looking and sounding like a different person, I asked what her secret was. I was very surprised to hear it was the ketogenic diet! When she said she wanted to spread the word and told me about Ketogevity South Africa, I wanted to be a part of the journey! She emailed me her starter pack and I got started.

Tamara has taken so much time researching ketosis that you can only feel you’re in a safe pair of hands! She is also incredibly supportive and when there’s been a little wobble, she’s guided me over it expertly.

I have managed to get my MS pain under control and as a nice added little bonus I have also lost 5kgs so far. I couldn’t recommend this program highly enough.

This is not a diet, this is for life and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Thank you so much


Dr Johan Botha


Wow wow wow!

Since starting with Keto for the past 9 months our lives changed dramatically for the best!

We both have much more energy, mental clarity and focus, our overall health improved exponentially and we lost lots of weight and fit into clothes we couldn’t wear for years.

I highly recommend this lifestyle to anyone and everyone who is serious about becoming healthy!

Dr Tamara Stephens we thank you!!

You have truly helped us to change our lives for good!

Johan and Carla Botha

Somerset West

South Africa

Ashleigh Brooker


Super proud Of one of  KetoGevity SA’s first clients before and after pics. Ash started her keto journey around June this year 2019, when I introduced her to “Dr T’s Starter Program” Left: Ash in December 2018 (but I only started helping Ash with the full and fine details of Keto in June 2019) Right: 12 weeks later August 2019 and we have our own supermodel! Well done Ash!