Our Vision

Our Vision

We are here to help our clients as Dr Berg always explains,  “get healthy to lose weight and not lose weight to get healthy”.  As a health and lifestyle company, we highlight that a clients success is based solely on them understanding that when committing to our program, they are not committing to a fad-diet but rather to a complete change in their lifestyle.

Through a carefully researched process we assist their bodies to move into a state of nutritional ketosis. A human physiological process of switching their bodies from using carbohydrates and glucose as a primary form of metabolise to using ketones. We aim to make this transition not only easy but highly effective.

Through ongoing support and regular follow ups during their “Keto Journey” we guide and support our clients continuously, providing information from the best and most reputable resources, with any recommendations we provide always backed by academic research institutions and peer-reviewed studies. 

Our target market are those people wishing to:


  • Lose weight and reduce percent body fat
  • Improve cognition and eradicate brain fog
  • Boost their daily energy levels
  • Increase their physical strength, endurance and exercise performance
  • Patients requiring assistance in treating, controlling or preventing medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol.